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About Sara Bingham

I have been teaching for 34years.  I have spent all thirty-three years working with special needs students.  Three of those years were split with ESL and Resource.  I am a 1977 graduate of DeQueen High School.  I graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 1981 with a dual major in Elementary Education and Serious and Profound Handicapped and received my masters from UCA in 1986 in Mildly Handicapped.  I attended the ESL Graduate Academy in 2001 and became certified to work with ESL students.  I taught for seven years at Acorn Elementary in Mena before coming to DeQueen in 1987.  I grew up in Wickes and attended first through tenth grade at Wickes.  I transferred to DeQueen for my last two years of high school.


My older brother is the reason I choose to work with special needs students.  My brother never learned to read until he graduated from high school.  I spent many hours helping him study.  He wanted to be like his buddies but he could not put it on paper.  Today he is called an auditory learner.  He is my hero.

Sara Bingham

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