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About Dawn Serigne

My name is Dawn Serigne (pronounced "Sara-knee").

I currently teach at DeQueen Jr. High serving students at

Middle School and Jr. High.


Teaching is a passion for me, not just a profession. 

For me, the kids come first. 


Bachelor of Science Degree - Texas A&M - Texarkana            2004

Master of Education Degree - Grand Canyon University           2008


Arkansas Teaching Certification:                                     

Early Childhood Education:                                                         Grades P-04 

Middle Childhood Language Arts/Social Studies:                       Grades 04-08 

Middle Childhood Science/Math:                                                Grades 04-08 

Special Education Instructional Specialist:                                 Grades 04-12

Special Education Early Childhood Instructional Specialist:        Grades P-04


A few fast facts about me:


  • I began teaching at Lockesburg Elementary in the 2004-2005 school year and at DeQueen Jr. High during the 2012-2013 school year.
  • I moved to southwest Arkansas the summer of 2000 with my family to be near my parents.
  • I grew up in Oregon for the majority of my childhood and then short stints in Belize, New Mexico, Louisiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Washington, and Oklahoma.
  • My pastimes involve reading, hanging out with my family and our many pets, camping, and hiking.
  • My husband of 28 years and I have 4 great kids that we adopted over the course of 5 very short years.  smiley  
  • I became involved in Special Olympics when our 2 oldest kids started participating in 1998.  I have been involved as a parent, volunteer, head coach, and I did 5 years of being the Area Director for Area 11. I have stepped down from that position, but I am still a head coach at DeQueen as well as for my adult daughter. This keeps me pretty busy during the year with all of the local Area events and the Summer Games on the state level. 
  • In 2012,  I got to fulfill a dream of mine - I was able to travel to Anchorage, Alaksa to attend a teachers' convention on the Iditarod and to watch the beginning of the Iditarod Race. It was amazing. I have been using the Iditarod Race in my lessons since 2006. The kids love it and there is so much math involved that all ages and grades get involved. 



Dawn Serigne

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