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Regular season is over now time to prepare for Conference tournament and State

Oct. 4th is Conference Tennis Tournament we will leave around 6:00 a.m. Tuesday Morning

Swept Hope Thursday, Fantastic job ladies and gentleman!  Out of the 6 matches De Queen won all 6!

Practice today!  Lets have everyone there today, both Ladies and Gentlemen!

September 22 Hope here today at 4!  Be there before 4!  Be there 3:30!  This is a conference match and will be used for seeding! 


Challenge Matches to prepare for Hope on Thursday!  I know there is Mini Cheer Camp so we will be missing at least 3 girls, boys if you would like to practice today you are more than welcome!  We have today, Tuesday and Wednesday for practice and then play a conference match Thursday!  I believe Hope has one boy and 5 girls!   

Kim Cordero won in staight sets against Hot Springs 6-2, 6-3!  Jarel Gonzalez picked up his first win in singles action in straight sets against Hot Springs 6-1, 6-0! 

Practice will be ladies today (Wednesday) and guys Thursday!  Start times 4 for each practice! 

Next match is Hope the 22nd here!  Hope has one boy and 5 girls!  Its also a conference match!



Practice today!  Lets have everyone and we will do some fundamental work:  finding the zone and serves, then we will begin challenge matches!


In Hot Springs singles action only Kim was up 4 games to 3 before rain and lightning stopped play, Jair won his singles match 8-0!

De Queen won 5 matches White Hall 4!  Split our 1’s and 2’s! 

De Queen won 6 matches and Mena 4!  Girls:  Carli Sneed picked up a win in singles!  Then in doubles action Zavala and Mosqueda, Jackson and Angeles won their respective matches! 

Boys side:  In doubles action Alex and Ian picked up two wins, Said and Josue picked up a win and Said and Jarel played doubles for the first time in two matches and went 1-1! 

Everyone will practice today!  We will have stations to rotate and get as much as we can done!

We have Murfreesboro here Thursday!  Only two boys and two girls! 

Boys will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays!  Girls will meet Mondays and Wednesdays!

Folks if you want to play you need to get physicals and show up to practice or text me!  First matches are coming quick and we will not travel with everyone!  Schools that have only 2 courts will only play the top 1 and 2s, so work hard if you want to be a number 1 or 2 girls/boys singles or 1 or 2 doubles!

De Queen Tennis 2016 Schedule

August 22, Hope                            @De Queen                                   4:30         Postponed

August 25 Hot Springs                   @Hot Springs                                4:00        Jair 8-0, Kim 4-3 before rain

August 29th White Hall                  @White Hall                                  4:00           DQ 5-WH 4

August 30th Mena                          @De Queen                                   4:00           DQ 6- Mena 4

Sept.  1st   Murfreesboro               @De Queen                                  4:00           Postponed

Sept. 6th      Mena                           @Mena                                          4:00           DQ 8-Mena 4

September 8th Magnolia                @Magnolia                                   4:00            DQ 2- Magnolia 6

September 13th Hot Springs          @De Queen                                  4:00            DQ 2- Hot Springs 0

September 22nd Hope                    @De Queen                                  4:00             DQ 5- Hope 0

September 27th Hope                    @Hope                                          4:00              Cancelled

September 29th   Nashville                 @Nashville                             4:00            DQ 2 – Nashville 6

Season record:  Wins 32 Losses 24    Team record 6-2

Conference Oct 4                          @Lakeside                                    9:00am

State TBA